Production in EagleOwl is a feature that allows you to record recipes that are produced in bulk in an outlet.

For example, in a pizzeria, pizza dough and tomato sauce would be produced in bulk and stored.  EagleOwl allows you to record this bulk production so that you are aware of how much of each you have in your outlet at any point in time through the live inventory function.  

Production feature is also crucial for multi-outlet organizations where semi-finished goods are produced in a central kitchen and transported to other outlets.

The Production page is as follows:

  1. Date – Date on which the production has been recorded.
  2. Production type – Whether it was made In House or transferred from some other outlet which will show as External.
  3. From Outlet – Outlet from which the production has been received in case of transferred production.
  4. Items - Total number of recipes in production.
  5. Cost – Total cost of production.

*You can edit, view, clone or delete the production using the icons on the right side of the above image.