• Click on Insights > Stock Variance
  • By default, the page picks up the date for opening stock for your last two stock-taking for Raw Items for SKU Type which are related to F&B, and for the items which are both issues and consumed. If you wish to see variance for SKU type apart from F&B you need to select those from the SKU Type filter.
  • You then need to filter the data as per the opening stock done the previous month to closing stock took the last time.
  • After selecting the date range and selecting all the filters, it will then show you the following information’s–
    1. SKU – Name of the SKU
    2. Opening stock – What was the opening stock in the starting for a selected date range.
    3. Closing Stock – What was the closing stock in the last date range selected.
    4. Actual Consumption – It tells you how much you have consumed in that date range. It is calculated based on Opening Stock + Purchase + Production – Transfer – Closing Stock
    5. Estimated Consumption – It tells you how much you should have consumed based on your sale. It is calculated based on Initial Inventory Level + Purchase + Production – Transfer – Final Inventory Level + Variance Correction
    6. Variance Quantity – It is calculated based on Estimated Consumption – Actual Consumption
    7. Variance Value – Total Value of Variance Quantity
    8. Variance % - Variance Quantity / Estimated Consumption * 100
  • By clicking on the SKU, you will be able to see the day-wise purchase, sale/production, wastage, and transfer.
  • Similar way you can check for the variance of finished goods by selecting the tab for Finished Goods.