There are two ways to add yield in EagleOwl:

From the Inventory function:

  • Click on INVENTORY > SKU
  • Double Click the yield for the SKU in the yield column which is 100% by default.

  • Enter the desired yield % and click Enter.

From the Settings function:

  • Enter the date and select the SKU.

  • Enter the weight of the item as purchased and the edible portion weight.
  • Select the edible portion unit.
  • Add the yield percentage.
  • Click on ADD

*You need to enter only either the purchased and edible weight or the SKU yield %.  Entering both is not required.

*Yield is outlet based, hence if you need to define it in multiple units, you need to set it in each outlet.

*If there are multiple yields entered for a single SKU, then the system picks up the average of the last 5 entries.