There are two ways to classify SKUs in EagleOwl:

Classify the SKUs Individually-


  • Click on an SKU in the box on the left to highlight it in blue and then click on the tag you want to assign to it from the box on the right.

  • To classify multiple recipes using this method, you can select multiple items by pressing the Shift key. Check either 'Replace all tags' or 'Add new tags' based on the requirement and then click on APPLY.

*Make sure that none of the SKUs are double-tagged.  To check if any SKUs are double-tagged, check the 'Show double tagged' box.

Classify multiple SKUs at once-

  • Click on INVENTORY > SKU
  • Select the SKUs that you want to classify.
  • On the top right of the page, click on UPDATE CATEGORY.

  • Select the category you want to tag the SKUs to.
  • Check 'Replace existing category' if required.
  • Click on UPDATE.