An SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) in EagleOwl is a product that you purchase for your restaurant operations whether it is for food production, maintenance, cleaning, uniform or packaging, etc.

Please note the following to understand the INVENTORY > SKU page:

  • Name – The name of the SKU.
  • Purchased – The last date the SKU was purchased.
  • Recipes – The number of recipes the SKU is used in. If you click on the number in the recipe column, it will take you to the page listing those recipes.
  • Cost – The average purchase price of the SKU for the current month.
  • Default Unit – The unit in which the SKU has been purchased for the first time. It can be changed by clicking on the edit icon and changing the default unit.
  • Yield % - The yield for each SKU that you purchase. It is mainly used for items like meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Entering yield % is important to get the costing right. Yield outlet level feature and has to be set separately for all outlets.
  • Par Level – The par level for each SKU set by you. If the par level goes below what is set, then the system will send an email automatically the next day at 8 AM to the email ids which have been programmed on your request.