There are three ways to add sales in EagleOwl:

Directly add sales in EagleOwl:

  • Click on SALES > BILLS > + ADD SALES
  • Enter the 'Date' of the sale and enter the 'Billing Name'.
  • Enter the 'Quantity', and the 'Unit Price' or 'Total Price' or both.

  • Click on UPDATE

If you use some other POS software, download the itemised sale report from that system and convert it to below format for import

Import sales into EagleOwl:

  • Click on SALES > BILLS > IMPORT
  • Select the file you want to upload from your computer. The file should be in the following format:

DateItem NameTimeQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
01-08-2021 Margherita Pizza
01-08-2021 Garlic Bread23:155200
01-08-2021 Banana Smoothie16:502150
01-08-2021 Garlic Bread
01-08-2021 Oreo Milkshake14:232120

It is not mandatory to add both unit rate and total price columns. You can choose to add either of them. Time column is optional. 

  • Tag the columns as per Date, Item, Quantity, Time (if applicable) Unit Rate, and/or Total Price.
  • Click on VALIDATE.
  • Select the date format and time format (if applicable) and click on VALIDATE again.
  • Click SUBMIT DATA.
  • Click on GO TO  SALES LIST to see the imported sales data.

Adding a sale for a new item creates a Menu Item automatically in the same outlet which can be viewed by clicking on SALES > MENU ITEMS

Make sure the menu item names are spelt right before importing and that they are cleaned up in your POS

API integration:

If your POS provider exposes an API, we can pull the data. This will avoid you doing any of the manual work above. 

Please refer to this link for video instructions.