Please note the following points:

  • The same recipe can show different cost prices in different outlets in a multi-outlet organization due to the following reasons:
    • The procurement price of the SKU/recipe ingredient is different in outlets.
    • The yield for the same SKU/recipe ingredient is different in outlets.

*Yield is an outlet-specific feature, hence it needs to be set in each outlet.

  • Any change made in the recipe in the manufacturing outlet will be applicable to the recipe in all the outlets it is available in.
  • Recipe once deleted cannot be recovered by the user or the EagleOwl team.
  • Menu linking should be done with the correct recipe quantity, else it would give you wrong costing.
  • SKUs should be either be purchased directly into the outlets or transferred to all the manufacturing outlets otherwise, the ingredient cost for the SKUs will not show in the recipe, hence making it an incomplete recipe.