Please follow the given steps to add a recipe in EagleOwl:

  • Click on RECIPE > + ADD RECIPE.
  • Add the name of the recipe.
  • In the 'Recipe Available in Outlet' field, add the outlets in which you want the recipe to be available.  You can also choose to make it available in all outlets by clicking on SELECT ALL OUTLETS on the right side of the page.
  • In the 'Manufacturing Outlet' field, the outlet that you are adding the recipe will show up by default.  You may change it if required.
  • In the 'Recipe Quantity' field, add the quantity in which you will be producing the recipe.  For example, pizza dough is usually produced in bulk, so you can add the recipe quantity as 10 kgs or any other bulk quantity.
  • You can add another recipe quantity by clicking on ADD QUANTITY IN ANOTHER UNIT.  You may need this if you want to quantify the recipe in another unit.  For example, the 10 kg pizza dough in the example above can also be added as 40 portions.
  • In the 'Link to Menu Item' field, click on ADD ANOTHER MENU ITEM and enter a new or existing menu item name.  Add the quantity and unit in which it needs to be linked.
Linking a menu item through this process is optional and can be done after creating the recipe also.
  • In 'Recipe Ingredient' field, add the ingredients with the quantities and units.

The ingredients can either be SKUs which have been added as a purchase in the past, hence exist in the outlet or can be sub-recipes already created in the outlet.

  • You can add sections within a recipe by clicking on ADD SECTION.
  • In 'Method and Notes' field, add the recipe making method and notes (optional).
  • In 'Menu Description' field,  add the menu description (optional).
  • Click on SAVE.

Please refer to link and link for video instructions.