A recipe is a set of instructions that describes how to prepare a dish along with a list of ingredients in specific quantities.  EagleOwl allows you to add recipes on its platform in a detailed and efficient way.  It also lets you link the recipes with menu items which gives you the real-time COGS % and live inventory levels of SKUs and recipes.

There are two types of recipes –

  • Recipe – These are the recipes that are created and directly linked with menu items.  For example, there is a recipe called French Omelette, where you are using eggs, salt, black pepper, and a few other ingredients. This recipe is then linked to a menu item called French Omelette Plain. In this case, French Omelette Recipe is the main recipe.
  • Sub-Recipe – These are the recipes that are used in multiple recipes.  They can also be base recipes that are used to make other recipes. For example, Chilli Chicken is a sub recipe that is served as a part of the Meat Platter.  In this case, Chilli Chicken is a sub recipe used in the Meat Platter recipe.  Another example is Alfredo Sauce that is the base recipe used to make items like Alfredo Pasta Veg, Alfredo Pasta Chicken etc.  In this case, the Alfredo Sauce becomes the sub recipe used to prepare Alfredo Pasta.