Received indents are used as audit documents that helps to track the movement of materials prior sending/transferring to the suppliers.

Go to TRANSFER -> RECEIVED INDENTS to view the received indents.

As shown below, all the raised indents are received and listed in this page.

Example 1:

1. VIEW)

Received indents can be viewed using View Icon

Example 1:


Received indents can be transferred in two ways.

Method 1: Through View Icon

As shown below, you have an option to transfer the stocks to the outlet.

Select the outlet to transfer

Click Save to save the items.

Quantity has to be mentioned as "zero" for the unavailable items.

The items are transferred to selected outlet

As shown below, the indents that are transferred will be highlighted in green border.

Method 2: Using Transfer Icon

Using Transfer icon you can directly transfer the items to the outlet.
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