Using search tab you get the latest sold details of a item. It also shows when this item was added to your menu.

Example 1:

As shown in above example, "Baileys Large" was last sold on July 23 with selling price 650 and it was added to the menu on June 20.


Filters button is used to filter the listed sales based on applicable categories. Categorization and tagging of sales should be done to use this functionality.

Select the date range and categories from the dropdown and click Apply button to see the sales that fall under the selected options.

Date range selected through filter will restored in CLASSIFY page as well.

Example 1:

Consider we have 436 Menu Items present for the current date range

Consider, we select a date range from November 1st - 15th, and the menu items under that range is shown below-

Now, click CLASSIFY to check the menu items present as shown below-

As shown above, the same number of menu items is been displayed in the CLASSIFY page as well.

Recently Sold: By default, system displays the items which are sold in the selected date range, in case if you want to view all(unsold and sold) items, you can select "Show all" as shown in above screenshot.

Click Display unclassified checkbox and click Apply button to check the non-categorized sales.

Click Clear button to clear the selected options.
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