Click IMPORT button to import your wastage. This is typically useful if you have recorded wastage in excel sheet.

1. Import excel sheet)

Click IMPORT WASTAGE DATA to upload the data.

Instructions on excel sheet format is shown below-

The excel sheet should contain columns for date, name, type, quantity,unit and wastage reason.

The below shown excel sheet format can be exported from INSIGHTS -> LIVE INVENTORY or click here for detail.

NOTE: A extra column by name "Wastage Reason" has to be added for wastage excel sheet.

Example 1: Sample excel sheet

2. Map the columns )

Here you have to map the columns in the sheet to the fields required by our software.

As shown above, use the options in dropdown to map the columns.

After mapping the columns, click Validate to validate the date format.

3. Validate the data)

Here you can confirm the date format by using dropdown.

Click Validate to confirm.

4. Submit data)

After the validation, you see a message for the successful completion of validation and also the system detects the number of valid rows in the imported data.

As shown above, 10 rows are found to be valid by the system.

Click Submit Data to submit.

5. Status and Reason)

After the successful submission of data, the system displays the status of each row as success/error and also displays the relevant reason for "error" status.

Example 1: Success status

Example 2: Error status

As shown in above example, "Onion Batter" recipe is not found and hence that row is considered as a error. This error might be due to non entry of recipe for "Onion Batter". Similarly, non entered SKUs wastage will not be imported and system displays the error for such rows.

Note: Make sure that all SKUs and recipes are entered before entering wastage.

System also provides a excel sheet for this rejected data.

Example 3: Sample Excel sheet

6. Imported Wastage will be listed in the page)

Click on Go to wastage list to view the imported wastage items.

7. Update Category )

You have an option to tag the wastage under the required category by selecting the imported wastage as shown below.

Click Update Category to categorize the wastage

Select the required tag and click Update

Now you see the wastage is categorized.

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