Click IMPORT button on the top to import your purchases. This is typically useful if you have recorded purchases in excel sheet or can export from your current software to import into EagleOwl.

1. Import excel sheet)

Click IMPORT PROCUREMENT DATA to upload the excel sheet.

Instructions on excel sheet format is shown below-

The excel sheet should contain columns for date, quantity, name of the item, unit, price and Supplier name.

Example 1: Sample excel sheet

2. Map the columns )

Here you have to map the columns in the sheet to the fields required by our software.

You have to select the required column name from the dropdown and then map it with the columns present in your excel sheet

3. validate and submit data )

Once all the columns are mapped, click Validate for data validation.

Select the date format of your excel sheet and click Validate

System displays a message after the completion of data validation, later you can click Submit Data for data submission.

System displays the submission status of the data present.

Example 1: Success Status

As shown in above example, if status of the data present is success, it will be uploaded in the PROCUREMENT -> BILLS page.

Example 2: Error Status

For the rejected data i.e., the data with the error status, system will automatically generate a excel sheet where you can edit and rename the sheet and later import it again.

Example 1: Excel sheet for rejected data

In case if the excel sheet is not downloaded automatically, you have an option at the top to download.

4. Purchases grouped as bills are listed in the page)

Click on Go to procurement list to view the imported purchases.

5. Update Category )

You have an option to tag the bills under the required category by selecting the imported bill as shown below.

Click Update Category to categorize the bill

Select the required tag and click Update

Now you see the bill is categorized.


Click EXPORT button to download the procurement.

Select the date range and Click EXPORT to download the procurement file. This provides an itemised listing of all purchases for the selected date range. The export format is similar to the import format.

Example 1: Sample excel sheet of procurement

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