1. EDIT)

Recipes can be edited using Edit Icon

You can edit and make necessary changes to the recipe.

2. VIEW)

Recipes can be viewed using View Icon

Example 1: View of recipe

NOTE: You can edit and print a recipe using the respective buttons as shown above. Sub recipes (Onion Sauce) are highlighted in blue for distinction.

Example 2: View of subrecipe

In the above example, "Onion sauce" has been used as an ingredient in 3 main recipes. You can also select the recipes from the dropdown to view usage of "Onion sauce".

NOTE: You can also get a quick view of a recipe by clicking anywhere on recipe entry as shown in below example

Example 3:

Complete details of "Chicken Wings" is viewed in above example.


Recipes can be cloned using Clone Icon. This is useful for duplication of a recipe and making minor edits to the duplicate, a copy and paste for recipe.

Example 4:

Consider you need to add a recipe for Chinese chicken rice, the ingredients used in this recipe are almost similar to Chinese veg rice except the addition of "chicken". In this case, you can clone the Chinese veg rice's recipe and make necessary changes to create a recipe for Chinese chicken rice.

Ingredients of "Chinese veg rice" is shown below,

Ingredients of "Chinese chicken rice" is shown below,

Cloning saves time in creating recipes that are similar to existing ones.
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