A discount is a short-term decrease in price of a item/s, often for a specific purpose. Restaurants may arrive at discount pricing strategies such as quantity, seasonal, cash or promotional discounts to increase sales revenues.

Example 1:

Consider, you need to apply a discount on an order placed on "Table 6"

Click Discounts to get the options on type of discounts

Now select the type or you can either enter the amount or percentage of discount and click ADD as shown below,

You can see a 5% discount is applied on the order

Now you can Settle Order with the discount offered.

2. GST @18

Eagleowl will automatically apply 5% GST for the items which are tagged under the tax category.
Click here for more details on tax configuration.

18% GST will be applied to restaurants located inside the hotels with tariffs of Rs.7,500 and above and outdoor catering

Example 1:

Consider, a order is placed from a corporate,

Since it is considered as outdoor catering, 18% GST will be applied to the order.

Now you can Settle Order

3. Non-Chargeable

At sometimes you might provide some NCs or complimentary food or drinks for the customers in order to please them.

This can be recorded in Eagleowl using No Charge button

Example 1:

Click Ok to save the order as NC

Now you can Settle Order

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