In this section, you can configure the taxes required for the POS.
Go to POS -> CONFIGURATIONS and click Taxes or Click here to enter the page.

Add Tax

Click ADD TAX or Click here to create/add tax to the system.

Example 1:

The created tax will be applied to the entered Menu.

As shown in above example, SGST tax will be applied to Corporate menu.

Click Save to save the tax details.

Multiple Menu can be selected. And the tax is applied to all the mentioned Menus.

Example 2:


You can edit taxes using Edit icon


You have an option to disable or enable the tax using Disable/Enable Icon

Application/classification of tax to the sales can also be done using APPLY TAX button.

Apply Tax

Click APPLY TAX or Click here for application of taxes to sales.

Example 1:

Select an item on the left hand side

Select a tag belonging to the category from right side

Now you see "CGST" tax is applied for "Corporate"

The item and tag that are selected/tagged are highlighted in blue color as shown below

As shown below, we can select multiple items and tag them using shift/ctrl/cmd keys

Example 2:

Untagged items are listed using Show untagged checkbox

Example 3:

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