In POS -> CONFIGURATIONS page, you can do the basic setup required for the POS system i.e., adding the menus, menu items and configure taxes for the items.

Click here to make the essential configurations.


In this section, you can add menus and add the items under your menus.
Click here to enter the page.

Click ADD MENU to add your menus.

Example 1:

i. Enter Menu Name and Availability)

As shown in above example, "Availability" can be entered as always, days of week or date range. For example, the above menu is mentioned as "Weekend Special" and availability is from "Friday 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM" . In a similar way, festive menus can be created for a particular date range.

ii. Enter Menu Items )

Menu items and their respective price are entered. The entered price will be applied for the received orders.

iii. Click Save to save the menu


Menus can be edited using Edit Icon

You can edit and make necessary changes to the menu.


By default, the menus will be disabled and you can enable the same based on your requirements. Disabled menus will show a 'red line' on the left.

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