You should classify the recipes based on your menu. Multiple users use the system and not everyone will be interested in seeing all categories. This helps in filtering and listing based on applied tags.

This button will not be present if recipe based classification is not added in "Settings->Categorization and Tags". Instead of classify button you will see the "Add Categorization" button. Categorization is optional, but highly recommended as it will help you filter the recipes based on tags.

In this case, a categorization called "Menu" is applied to this Recipe module. Multiple categorizations can be applied to every module. For e.g. you could also apply "Diet Type" to recipe module with tags "Veg", "Non-Veg".

Click CLASSIFY button to classify the recipes

Example 1:

1. Select an item on the left hand side)

2. Select a tag belonging to the category on the right hand side)
If you applied multiple categories to this module, use the dropdown to select other categories and apply respective tags.

Now you see B 52 item is tagged under Liquor

The item and tag that are selected/tagged are highlighted in blue color as shown below

Note: You should not apply multiple tags per category to the same item on the left side. Any given item should have only one tag per category.

As shown below, we can select multiple items and tag them using shift/ctrl/cmd keys

Example 2:

Untagged items are listed using Show untagged checkbox

Example 3:

To clear a tag that is already applied to an item, click the applied tag again from the right side (applied tags will be highlighted in blue)
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