Bulk Actions)

You can select multiple recipes to make necessary changes/corrections.

Click Name label's checkbox to select all the recipes present in that page. And you can choose from the options presented to take necessary action.

To select recipes present across all pages click Select all items as shown below,

1. Delete

Click Delete to delete the selected recipes permanently.

2. Update Category

Click Update Category to make necessary changes to the categorisation of recipes. Shown below as an example is menu categorisation update.

Select Menu Type from dropdown and click Update to change/replace the existing category.

Replace existing categorization: This is selected to replace the existing tags with the selected tags. For e.g. if you have a recipe tagged "Starters" but would like to replace it with "Mains", use this selection.

3. Recipe Visibility

Click Recipe visibility to mark the selected recipe(s) as either belong to specific outlet or visible across the organization (all outlets). By default recipes are visible across all outlets.

Select option and click Update to change.

4. Replace Ingredient

Replacement of an ingredient with another is done by clicking Replace Ingredient. You have may have discontinued one ingredient in favor of an alternative.

Example 1:

i) First, search for the usage of ingredient in recipes

Say, you need to replace "onion" with "madras onion, you can see that "onion" is used as an ingredient in 16 recipes as shown above.

ii) Select all 16 recipes

iii) Click Replace Ingredient

iv) Enter the substitute ingredient and click Update to change.

5. Update Manufacturing outlet

Click Update Manufacturing Outlet to change the manufacturing outlet for selected recipes.

Select the outlet and click Update to change.
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