Go to PROCUREMENT -> CONTRACT to start adding contract pricing with your suppliers.

Click ADD CONTRACT button to add the supplier as shown below:

If the contract pricing is not enabled in the settings, the page displayed will as shown below:

You can enable it directly from here by clicking on the link which will redirect you to the settings page. "Click enable contract pricing" and click update button.

1. Enter the details of the Contract)

Example 1:

Enter the supplier name and time period of the contract.

Tick the box if it is outlet specific or else uncheck this box to make this contract available to all outlets.

Enter the items (SKUs) under contract and click save

During GRN, if you don't want any edits to the unit price of items under the contract, you will have to enable "strict enforcement of contract pricing " in SETTINGS -> VALIDATION CONFIGURATION .

Once contract is enabled for supplier(s), you can process GRN in two ways. Either through a Purchase Order mapping to GRN or directly by adding Bills under Procurement and selecting the supplier name.

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