Measurement units for items are listed/added in this page.

Go to SETTINGS-> MEASUREMENTS to add measurements.


New and alias measurement units are created as shown below,

Example 1:

As shown in above example, a measurement unit called "scoop" which is of volume type is created. And for the same an alias unit called "scp" is Created

Click Create button to save the units

2. LINK)

Since system allows users to enter new measurement units during the item entry, the newly entered units are listed as missing units.

You have an option to link or convert these missing units.

We can link these units with the global units as shown below,

Example 1:

Click Link with existing unit? and select the unit from the dropdown and click Save

As shown in above example, "btl500" is linked to "bottle".


The conversion for missing units is added by clicking Add Conversion

Example 1:

As shown in above example, "btl700" is converted to "bottle" with a factor as 700.

Click Create to save the conversion.
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