It is very important to find out the amount of waste and the kind of waste generated by the restaurant. By adding the wastage you can find out the primary source for wastage and you will be able to plan out ways to reduce it.

1. ADD)

Go to INVENTORY -> WASTAGE to enter the wastage.

In this page, you can add the wastage of items.

Click ADD NEW WASTAGE button to add wastage as shown below.

Enter the wastage date

Enter the classification of wastage

Select the Cost Center and Wastage Reasons (or other categorization as applicable) from dropdown options.

You can tag wastage based on applied categorization. This helps in filtering and listing based on applied tags.

Enter the wastage of items, their respective quantities and reasons.

Click Save to save wastage

2. EDIT)

Wastage details can be edited using Edit Icon

You can edit and make necessary changes to the wastage.
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