1. ADD)

Go to INVENTORY -> STOCKTAKING to enter the stock taking.

In this page you can enter the closing and opening stocks. You can enter both SKUs (ingredients) as well as recipes/sub-recipes.

Click ADD STOCKTAKING button to add the stocks as shown below.

1. Enter the Stock taking date and stock type)

Stock type can be Closing or Opening Stock type, select the type from the dropdown.

2. Enter the classification of stock taking)

Select the Cost Center and Kitchen type (or other categorization as applicable) from dropdown options. This is optional, depending on whether you have created a categorization for stock taking module.

You can tag stock takings based on applied categorization. This helps in filtering and listing based on applied tags.

3. Enter the items, their respective quantities and units)

If the items are out of stock or cleared, you need to make an entry as zero quantity during stock taking.

As shown below, the milk powder is out of stock in the kitchen so a zero value entry has been made for the same

Ensure units entered is appropriate for the SKU or recipe. If you enter a wrong unit, system will not be able to compute the price. This will show up as a warning after you save and can be corrected.

You can also enter 'non food and beverages items' along with SKUs and recipes, the system will identify if you have configured it in "Validation Configuration" under Settings.

Click Save to save the stock taking

2. EDIT )

Stock taking details can be edited using Edit Icon

You can edit and make necessary changes to the stock taking.
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