1. ADD)

This module is used to record production of all recipes and sub-recipes in an outlet. There are multiple use cases and advantages of recording this information. A typical day in restaurant operations starts with preparation of semi-finished (sub-recipe) goods and also some finished (recipe) goods, when required.

In a single outlet scenario, if you produce items and record in production, when you sell an item, the system depletes from this produced quantity before depleting the SKU's from your inventory. Though this is not mandatory for single outlet case, recording production gives you a clear picture of how much was produced, how much was consumed and what was wasted in any given day. In absence of this, if you record wastage of semi-finished or finished goods, it will be difficult to attribute wastage or excess preparation loss and correlate with the day's prep plan and sales.


Typically in a multi-outlet scenario, items are produced in a central or designated kitchen and transferred to other outlets. EagleOwl provides you the features to record these transfers, so that costing is accurately determined, i.e. debited from transferring outlet and apportioned rightly to the receiving outlet. This feature is thereby more useful in multi-outlet cases, where you will exactly know the cost of preparation and transfers for any given time period.

Note: You won't be able to transfer recipe/sub-recipes without adding them first to production.

Go to INVENTORY -> PRODUCTION to enter the productions.

Click ADD PRODUCTION button to add productions.

i. Enter the production date)

ii. Enter the productions of recipes)

Click Save to save the entered productions.

A common mistake is to add units of produced items different from recipe output definition. For e.g. recipe "Pizza dough" will be defined in 'portions' but entered in production as "kg". Unless you specify what a 'portion' of "Pizza dough" is in "kg", system won't be able to compute and will show a conversion error.

2. EDIT)

Production details can be edited using Edit Icon

You can edit and make necessary changes to the productions.
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